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Easy to use

Easy to use

There is no single thing in our system that will complicate and confuse you in marketing your business...

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We know what it takes when it comes to the email marketing... INSIDE & OUT! We have a team that will assist our site 24/7. Our top priority:
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Lots of features

Lots of features

Marketers Safelist has 11 forms of advertising, six of them, are in the form of mailers, and all of the forms have been designed to:
Maximize The Real Traffic To Your Sites!

Mail To All Levels of : 3895 Active Members Everyday!
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Our Bounce Mailing System is the most powerful feature of Marketers Safelist. Every safelist owner know that one of the biggest issue with all modern safelists is a bounced message problem. That is why a lot of safelists have a little response, even a zero response! while having hundreds to thousands of members? [ Click to preview ]

We have developed the innovative bounce mailing system that will help us to save our safelist live and responsive in today's world of Spam and Filters.

Our Bounce Mailing System use three modes to handle bounced messages. When the system receives a X [FACTORS] number of bounced messages from a member account, it put such account as "Non Active Member" on the [PENDING MODE] in split of seconds! And after two hours, the system will send the first test message to this account, and if this test message bounce back - this account will be put on [PENDING-2 MODE], "Non Active Members" otherwise this account will be reactivated. Click to preview
The system will hold such account as "Non Active Member" on the [PENDING-2 MODE] within ten hours, then a second test message will be sent, and if the bounce system receives this second test message back, this account will be put as "Non Active Member" on the [BOUNCE MODE] and deleted within the next hours.

Say goodbye to email bounce back forever!

No more wasting your mailing credit to this such "zombie's account".
Rest assured that your advertisement is delivered to real all active members! Click to preview

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Login Ad, Contact Solo Ad, List Solo Ad, Credit Mailer, Header Ad, Footer Ad, Banner Ad, Button Ad, Text Ad!

Buy More Credits

Buy More Credits

Save your valuable time, your hard efforts and slash your marketing budget! Cheap and affordable credits to buy! The more ad champaign setup, the more likely you can expect!

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Marketer-Safelist.Com Is a Credit Based Email Marketing Service From Members to Members,
With Double Opt-In Mechanism and an Opt-Out Lock Mechanism
if members decide to remove their account permanently.
(Currently deleted account is set to be banned and locked for two weeks period)

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